August 15, 2006

No to Sharia, the murderers charter

(Via DK) The fascist cunts want to use the latest terrorist plot by their fellow Islamists as an excuse to impose Sharia.That is to give in to the demands of the terrorists. This isn't the first steps to the imposition of Sharia, there have already been exception given on stamp duty for Sharia mortgages and the Inland Revenue has even considered giving special exemptions for (currently illegal) second wives. The demand is, currently, just for Sharia to cover family matters. The answer is a categorical no. If they want to live under that barbarous mediaeval code then there are plenty of shit heaps that have already implemented it. Choose one and leave. But if you really need to know what Sharia is about here is a little taster of what it would be like even if just applied to family matters.

Bored with your wife and want a second? Or third? Or fourth? Perhaps what you are really into is pre-pubesent girls and you want to fuck a nine year old? No problem just repeat after me, There is no God but Allah; and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Perhaps you where driven wild by a woman proactively flaunting her shoulders at you and ended up raping her? No problem unless there are 4 men willing to back up her story then there is no crime, a woman's word not being worth as much as a man's. You can also get the little minx sent away for crimes against castity.

Is it your daughters that are causing the problem, they don't want to marry the illiterate cousin that you imported for them perhaps? Fancy stabbing her to death in front of the rest of the family to appease your honour? Just say the magic words and everything is nice and legal. Maybe it's your son, and your worried he might be ... you know ... batting for the other side as it were. Well Sharia is so nice and liberal that he even gets to choose what happens next! Get a wall pushed on top of him, publicly hung, or maybe he wants to be set on fire. He can't however choose to be shot, that would be too quick.


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